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the president's syrian policy with a former senior adviser to the obama state department and author of a new book called the indispensable nation, critical of the administration's handling of foreign affairs. wolf began asking about the words the president didn't use. >> what do you make of this, vali? >> the president is very deliberate thinking about whether or not he is going to punish the assad regime for use of chemical weapons. there's a lot on the line. if it is proved chemical weapons were used, they would have to act militarily to punish the regime, if they don't, the international credibility is at stake. it is also important what the president didn't say. he did not show a road map how the united states would get involved diplomatically in terms of a no fly zone, economically to address the myriad of problems arising in syria from the spread of al qaeda influence, extremism, humanitarian crisis. basically he says the united states only will get involved if it is to punish the regime for use of chemical weapons. >> when you say get involved, no one really believes the u.s. is going
brother-in-law. lori: president obama blaming the united states states, the u.s. for gun violence in mexico. he is attempng to convince his audience that gun-control laws passed by the u.s. congress wil benefit mexicans. listen. >> we also recognize that most of the guns used to commit violence come from the united states. [applause] i think many of you know in america our constitution guarantees for individual rights to bear arms and i swore the last couple that right and i will but at the same time that i have said in the united states will continue to do everything in my power to pass common-sense reforms that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people. lori: the president did not mention the "fast & furious" gunrunning operation that led to thousands of weapons lost in mexico. meanwhile a different message on gun control as 70,000 people take part in the nra convention. the next guest has been as clear a conventional data senior opinion editor for "the washington times." >> thank you for having me. >> what is your impression for the president blaming the west
close relationship here, and barack obama doesn't have to be too reticent in pushing the united states interest when it comes to the cartels and when it comes to the border. >> eleanor. >> i wouldn't call a great relationship where we export all this goods to them, them being dependent on us. i think this new mexican president comes in with a pretty strong hand. the growth in mexico is twice where it is in this country. they discovered some oil in mexico, and i think he's made a decision that he doesn't want to outsource the drug fighting to u.s. police and border guards, that he wants to take over that. it wasn't working under the previous president who had thousands of people who were killed so let's see if his new approach works. the point is, the u.s. isn't the only game for mexico. they're doing lots of business in china and korea. they stand to gain if this immigration policy is reformed, and the president needs him because of the concern but i think the mexicans are in a pretty strong position. >> they have huge amounts of natural gas and huge a little do a geo bio, a brief one
. what truck do you not want the united states? >> chinese. >> do you think president obama believes that there are chinese coming over the border from mexico? i don't know. i'm not certain how much we have to fear chinese coming across the border. >> in this part of the world we don't have a lot of tourist attractions. but this is one of them. emergency distress beacon. and most people find it curious that it's in three languages. english, spanish and chinese. and since the last time we were out here, they have even been so nice to add five gallon puckett of water. courtesy of the united states government. >> president obama doesn't seem to be taking the border situation seriously. >> the shared border is more secure than it has been in years. illegal immigration attempts in the united states to the lowest level in decades. >> laura: how can we come one a plan to fix the immigration system if we don't know who is crossing the border? joining us now from new york is dennis michael lunch who made the film "they came to america, too: the cost of amnesty." frand san diego, the founder o
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the obama white house is issuing threats and intimidating employees of the state departmental that wishes to share critical information. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen has our report. >> state department pushed back against charges first aired on fox news alleging that benghazi whistleblowers have faced threats and intimidation. >> we do have to look at the issue and de-politicize it. american people deserve answers. i'm determined there will be an accountable and open state department. >> the state department would never tolerate sanction retaliation against whistleblowers on any issue. that is an obligation we take very seriously. >> president obama professed to be aware of loaning standing efforts to question survivors of the benghazi attack in which terrorists killed the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans. >> i'm not familiar with this notion that anybody has been blocked from testifying. so with a i'll do is i will find out what exactly you are referring to. >> on mochb, former justice department official victoria tony sing identified herself as o
they have smartweed, but they arrest people. president obama has continued to have raids in states where medical marijuana is illegal. 200 plus. they're still doing it. john: legal or hours, people are registering their plans. john: state legal, but the fed law does take priority. >> obama's said in 2008 when he ran he would use his administration as a tool for justice against aids or medical marijuana is illegal. he has done the exact opposite and as busted some many dispensaries, especial in northern california. if that is the hypocrisy, i don't know what is. john: the canvas guppy mentioned. was that? >> apparently for the first time this was a non medical marijuana growing and consuming competition where people were able to try different types of marijuana and then decide what tasted best, what made them feel blessed. and so the winner was in the mixed flowers category, but none gross got cookies by private stock l.a. john: the name of some type of wheat. and what strikes me about this legalization movement, it illustrates, as politicians always do, how close they are about the dutie
? how south carolina went against the supreme court of the united states and made implementing obama care a crime. will it stick? we'll have more in a minute. >> clayton: plus, did you ever wish you could control your dreams? >> dreams, they feel real while we are in them, right? only when we wake up when we find out something is actually strange. >> clayton: why inception may not just be a hollywood movie anymore but reality. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> good morning, we want to get to extreme weather center for southern california this morning. massive wildfire now burning 43 square miles. check out this remarkable image of man standing on the roof of his home as the flames quickly approach. the fires are only 20 percent contained at this hour. shifting winds make it difficult to get handle on the flames. will firemen get any relief today. janice dean live in the exsteaming weather center. she has the first alert forecast. >> i do have good news fortunately for firefighters in the area. they had incredible conditions to deal with fire season has come a little bit e
, the united states is considering giving arms to syrian rebels to a them in the civil war. obama says if hard evidence emerges of the syrian government using chemical weapons, that would be a game changer. the uss five of the soldiers have been killed in a guinness five of its.s. says soldiers have been killed in afghanistan. authorities,afghan the soldiers vehicle was struck in the volatile district in the kandahar district. firefighters in a coastal region of southern california are battling a massive wildfire and head of the fire season. the fire west of los angeles covers an area of 100 square, alters -- square kilometers. weather forecasters are hoping increased humidity rejected on the weekend will give crews manning the fire lines much needed assistance after the blaze nearly tripled in size on friday. >> firefighters were printing the blaze by creating their own trolled burns. , low humidity, and high temperatures made their work more difficult. on thursday.e out it spread further over the course of friday. affecting 4000 homes in the area, firefighters were deterred when winds gave a
in israel admitting its air force took out a shipment of weapons in syria. meantime, president obama is in central america addressing the united states' involvement in syr syria's civil war and jim avila is traveling with the president. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. abc news confirmed israeli warplanes that hit a target inside syria, a target the israelis deemed a serious threat. explosions believed to be the bombing aired on rebel television. several smoke plumes from what appears to be streaking rockets fired from israeli warplanes. hitting syrian anti-aircraft weapons according to abc news military sources. there's no official comment from syrian officials or the israelis. and no reporting of the strike on syrian state media. here in costa rica where the president is traveling no comment from the white house referring all questions to the israelis. as tensions rise in the middle east, president obama did tell reporters he's keeping all options open. but he is being careful because of prior mistakes, he says, made by moving too quickly in the middle east and he is reluctant to
the same and joined our state legislature and some eight other seniors to support their effort state wide and to support president obama and senior fine fine stein on their national events and i want to take a moment to make sure that we hong hospital members of sandy hook continue keeping them in our minds and but also, that things that are not as announced but every single week whether it's oakland san jose or san francisco, that is young kid and i get this text every night calf can american meal 17 -years-old victim, to the chess, to the head. we have got to end this gun violence we have got do embrace, strategies that work so that, you can keep our cities safe. that will help us, as much as education is, as much as investment in housing is as much as investing in buss as well. it's got to be the whole package and i don't care what poles say or what political groups say it's the right thing do let's all join together and make sure that happens. (applause) >>> i'll close i want to thank dan and tim for awful their good economic analysis, i think they guided you with that i'll be hap
talking about obama care medical pay roll tax. a new specific tax with obama care. it is it a noncompliance. austin, come on, man. >> you just stated two things that were the same thing . that is an increase on the capitol gains rate is the stame thing tried to portray as a second tax. >> it is going to medicare. >> there is no doubt there will be practical hicups like when they passed medicare d that free money that the bush administration giving out. there were logistical hicups and problems with that. over all the congressional budget is not forecasting that this will be a increase in the dev stit by any meanings. oh, boy. >> look at margins. >> i have to jump in here. >> austin, do me a fave error. >> calling it a logistical hicup. my god, you don't know what will happen to the middle class. what about the insurance premium fees and none of this is making healthcare better . doctors are turning patients away and it is not in full implementation. people trying to be helped are hurt in the end of the day. families don't really give a dam about families paying ext
obama to be any different? creating these state exchanges i think the price has already doubled since they started, the estimate. so the problem is that their programs are for ever and we, our programs are not forever. >> [inaudible] [applause] spent we would like to hear from you. tweeters your feedback, >> mr. moss, what happened in minneapolis in april 1999? >> i start the book with that meeting because it's so informative of the industry's attitude and strategies. 1999, the obesity epidemic was just beginning to emerge. and raised concern not only among consumer activists and nutritionists but among people inside the process food industry. they gather together a very rare meeting, ceos some of the top manufacturers in north america but got together at the old minneapolis headquarters, the old pillsbury headquarters in minneapolis, to talk about none other than this emerging crisis believes for the industry. and up in front of them got nine other than one of their own, his name was michael mudd. he was the vice president of craft. he was armed with 114 slides, a
of the united states to throw himself a pity party. president obama said as much on tuesday when he laid out the limits of his leadership. >> i can urge them to. i can put pressure on them. i can rally the american people around those common sense solutions, u ultimately they themselves are going to have to say we're going to do the right thing. >> the right thing. let's pause on that. political opponents will have a different sense of what the right thing. as we say on this show, elections have consequences. when we choose a new president or decide to give the old one a second chance, we are also deciding to move forward with that president's agenda. the agenda of this president, the one chosen by a popular majority has been subverted by the will of a small but determined minority. it's disregarded by a senate majority that fall short of a filibuster proof margin. it was behind the expansion of the firearms background checks. the failure of this common sense proposal, it should have been a no brainer had the president seeing red, but the coauthor of that legislation, pat toomey gave preside
state democrats who who are up for election in 2014. have a noose hanging around heir they can of obama characterization gun control legislation that is he trying to pass and more tax hikes. this is an agenda that is out of touch with what voters in louisiana, north carolina, arkansas wants. gem job and family let's then let chris weigh in on that. the gun legislation didn't go the way the president wanted. what do you think he should really push for next? >> well, i mean, in terms of gun control, real quick, this is a position the president has that roughly 90%, including the majority of republicans hold. so, the republicans aren't on very strong ground on that. in terms of where i think the president goes forward, i think immigration is the one issue where you are seeing at least some consensus but, again, the point i made earlier, rubio, senator rubio is out there talking and pushing immigration reform. he is not what i would consider a moderate or left republican. is he getting torn apart and criticized by the right. so whether you have a republican party that cannot decide even on
of the employers. the obama administration pippered about whether the height height or state department tried to silence the bengazi survivors. the white house insisted anyone who want to testify before congress is it welcome to. >> bengazi happened a long time ago. we are unaware of agencies blocking . employees who will like to give information to bengazi. >> that is the names of the men. it clolcely guarded secret in washington who will provide that information on wednesday. >> thank you very much. doug collins served on the oversight committee and will be in the hearings. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> and what is your reaction to the news breaking about the whistle blowers and several memberings of - members of your committee would not get access to the identity of the witnesses that survived that day. >> it is a process we are seeing, they are dragging their feet. even the comment that bengazi happened such a long time ago. it is fresh in people's mind and they are tired of the administration and state department dragging their feet and not allowing security clearance
. are great on the separation of state and church issues. like president obama. he is starting his second term. i like joe biden. i like even more hillary clinton. i hope she is the nominee. i hope she will win in 2016. she is great on church and state separation, as is president obama and joe biden. andrepublicans in general rand paul is not a libertarian. i will give you a quick example. it doesn't say establishment of any religion or of any religion. an establishment of religion. meaning that government must remain neutral with respect to government and religion. they can't be for -- be for a religion -. as well as they cannot wish it -- as well it is him as they cannot bush atheism -- push atheism. host: thank you. we will take a couple more calls. republican line. caller: hello. host: go ahead. saysr: when someone government, it does not them or us. it is we, the people. people forget that. people forget it. it is us. host: thank you for your call. a couple of tweets. span2016. i love clybourn. that he tells it like it is. we need more like him. and jaclyn says -- expecting marco rubio to
against barack obama's gun-control proposals. a colombian government continues peaceate a piece -- deal with a rebel group. -- andera sat down with send is this report. >> they have been fighting the colombian state for 60 years. for six months, they have been negotiating with the colombian government out of the conflict. on friday, the lead negotiator announced that he talks are not moving fast enough. have the obligation to tell the public that in our opinion, the pace of the talks has been insufficient and inconsistent. we believe it is important to speed them up and that it is possible to speed them up. >> camila the leadership and havana, where they reassured al jazeera they are committed to peace. >> you have been discussing only one issue. the is agrarian reform. why is it so difficult to pass this stage? there are many factors in the country that oppose a structural transformation of rural areas. we say that is one of the roots that started this conflict. there is inequality among those who own the land. three quarters of the land is owned by the elites. it is important to recov
. amendment protects our free exercise of religion. very clear the united states government has no authority to tell any american not that he ry or or she cannot share his faith with someone else. applause] , any of cond amendment us has seen that president obama as been pushing an agenda aggressively to come after our constitutional right to keep and arms. i will tell you several weeks ago i was proud to stand with my senators rand paul and short letter nd a o harry reed that said we will filibuster any legislation that threatens the right to keep and arms. and what we saw happen in the incredible.ks was the american people got engaged. in this room men began speaking out, began began going ngton, on line, facebook, twitter and saying go after the violent criminals, come down on them ike a ton of bricks, but protect the constitutional law abiding americans. to protect he fate our second amendment there was whone who worked harder and i was more honored to be side by side with than your senior senator, lindsey graham. [applause] >> as a result of the leadership of lindsey graham and tim scot
for this book tour, former obama administrations were honest about what a poor job the u.s. is doing and economic front. a former undersecretary of state for hillary clinton has now left the ministration. he told me flat out, the united states government has done a terrible job of focusing on economic issues in the middle east. need to be thinking bigger all we're going to wake up here and ask what happened. you have huge youth unemployment and no hope. the frustration he expressed was very similar to what i heard from hundreds of americans, republicans and democrats, civilians and soldiers in afghanistan and pakistan and iraq over the years. people that go into these countries all agree that security is vital, the most important thing. you cannot have economic growth the security. they realize that in the long run the best way to counter militancy was creating economic growth. that consensus never seemed to arrive in washington. we spent over $1 trillion. and of that 95 percent was spent on military efforts. and when we did make civilian efforts there were two dynamics that i though
when the benghazi attack happened. president obama said this week that he was, quote, not familiar with the idea that anyone was being prevented from telling their benghazi story. here is the state department on the benghazi investigation yesterday. >> the whole family is committed to bringing those who perpetrated this attack to justice and doing everything we need to do to keep our people safe. that's where our attention is. we hope that congress and the media, too, can keep the focus on that. >> but republican congressman darrell issa, who chairs the house committee holding this hearing, says some additional witnesses are hesitating to come forward because they fear they may be punished by their employers. rick? >> molly henneberg in washington, thank you very much. for more exclusive details on these break developments, tune in to fox news sunday tomorrow when chris wallace sits down with the utah congressman, jason chaffetz, one of those questioning the whistle blowers. >>> new developments in the middle east. israel launching an air strike against syria. the target, a shipmen
of over state department memo. >> gregg: does benghazi undermine the central theme of president obama's presidency that he has reduced the threat of terrorism and would that explain, perhaps, an attempt to cover up some of the truth? >> i think that is why many observers in congress there was a cover-up going on. five days before the attack, the president accepted renomination for president in charlotte and said in his acceptance speech, al-qaeda is on the road to defeat. obviously the al-qaeda affiliated terrorists weren't paying attention. i think it's a real problem problem for the administration. >> gregg: a few days ago, you know the f.b.i. suddenly releasing photographs of three people on the ground in the special mission in benghazi on september 11th. now, they are asking for help in identifying them. there they are. how in the world can it can explained it took them eight months to release photos that were taken that very day and therefore been in the possession of the u.s. government for eight months? >> you know, the timing of the release of the photos, i think you have to a
, the next to last free states radio, the next-to-last independent newspaper raising hell, the next-to-last independent bookstore with a mind of its own, the next to last leftie looking for obama nirvana. [laughter] the first day of the wall street occupation set forth upon this continent a new revolutionary nation. [applause] >> in addition to its own programming as -- of artist talks, meridian has been a downtown host for san francisco states well-known port trees center. recent luminaries have included david meltzer, steve dixon, and jack hirsch man. >> you can black as out of the press, blog and arrest us, tear gas, mace, and shoot us, as we know very well, you will, but this time we're not turning back. we know you are finished. desperate, near the end. hysterical in your flabbergastlyness. amen. >> after the readings, the crowd headed to a reception upstairs by wandering through the other gallery rooms in the historic home. the third floor is not usually reserved for just parties, however. it is the stage for live performances. ♪ under the guidance of musical curators, these
are in states where president obama lost in 2012, including north carolina, antenna, arkansas, and alaska. that story in today's "new york times." if you want to read more on the senate recruitment front. we are discussing the presidential race in 2016 should your thoughts and who you would like to see. the phone lines are open. your numbers are there for you to see on the screen. we will go to diane from california on our republican line. good morning. a quickhi, i just have question before i tell you who i am going to go for. i do not understand the democrats and how they can forain what obama has done the 12 million people out of work. his full cabinet, from geithner -- who was a wall street guy -- to everybody he's got in his office, comes from wall street or huge corporations. what are the democrats talking about? i do not know whether i will vote republican or not vote republican, but the reasons that the democrats -- they seem to walk in lockstep because they are democrats. they will go democratic no matter what anybody does for them. you think the jobs picture will continue to be
to keep america safe. >> that was president obama tuesday answering questions about the hunger strike at guantanamo bay. for the two weeks, noorn 100 of the remaining 166 detainees held there by the united states have been refusing to eat. 23 of them are now being force fed, at last check, we should note. the strike brought controversy over the prison on the southeastern end of cuba. a senior attorney for the -- at the center for constitutional rights, thanks so much for coming in on this saturday. i wanted to make sure we continued this conversation. i understand you represent current and former detainees being held at gitmo. do you represent any of the folks who are participating in the hunger strike? >> we do we represent men who are currently on hunger strike who have been on strike now for nearly three months. most of the men actually at get mow now have been on strike since early february. >> any of the folks that you represent are they being force fed as well? >> a couple of them r some of them are longer term hunger strikers, to be clear what force feeding means at guantanamo
of reporters without borders. >> the united states is no longer ruling out army rebels in syria. the defense secretary says washington is reassessing its position, but that any decision has to be made together with international allies. >> president obama says he is considering all options in response to the apparent use of chemical weapons inside syria. stay with us. we'll be right back after a short break. >> welcome back. germany is preparing for its biggest turret -- terrorism trial since the 1970's. this time, the far right is in the dock, a group called the nsu. >> one woman and four men go on trial on monday accused of involvement in a series of murders targeting immigrants that left 10 people dead. >> authorities have been criticized for failing to solve those crimes. >> the killings have also caused much soul-searching among ordinary people. for example, in one town where one of the victims were shot dead. >> camille does not like coming here. the head of the foreigners council is still haunted by the memory of what played out at the site seven years ago. on april 6, 2006, the owner
. they are making implementation of obama care as much as a disaster as possible so that in 2014 they can run against what a disaster it is. there are 15 states of republican governors who said they will not participate in the medicaid expansion and are setting up exchanges. that doesn't include legislators from state houses who are balking at appropriating the money it would take to make the law work. what is so absolutely craven about this that while it may very well prove to be strategy what it means is intentionally wrecking the lives of millions of people. over 5 million people will not get medicaid coverage because states opted out and there are millions more caught in a poorly or half implemented healthcare system by design by the design of republicans so focused on killing obama care they don't care who gets killed or hurt as a result. joining me tonight, senior fell yost manhattan institute, former member of mitt romney advisory group. dr. valarie and richard kim, executive editor for >>> are there any political costs to obama care as to the single plank of the republi
live. timing important in this, that israeli air strike coming as the united states is considering to respond to evidence that chemical weapons were used in syria's civil war. president obama taking questions on the issue this week, today, the president was wrapping up a three-day visit in mexico and costa rica. he talked about immigration and expanding trade in latin america. he arrive would in andrews air force base and ed henry is live for us in san jose, costa rica. ed, the president steered clear of this? >> he was asked about the israeli air strikes and the president said israel has a right to defend itself. what that basically means, he's giving israel a green light to do what it needs to in the region and leaves the door open to a range of u.s.s. the president said it was a red line cross could possibly spark u.s. intervection in syria. the president said he wants more evidence to confirm that before anything is launched. a bottom line, a lot ofs are on the table on the u.s. air strikings against sir yampt one option is he took off of the table. he will not put u.s. boots o
. through the pains of the obama administration, we are getting a strong south carolina and every state is getting stronger because of the obama administration. we are getting stronger because we are fighting. because we are having to go against thesethese [indiscernible] look at south carolina versus d.c. in d.c., they are trying to cut $82 billion out of a $4 trillion deficit. and they can't figure out to do it. so they do across the board cuts. we are balancing our budget. we have surpluses. [applause] d.c. past the largest entitlement program since the 1960s's in the past obamacare -- 1960'ass when they past obamacare. he saved the taxpayers to hundred million dollars a year with what we did. -- we saved the taxpayers $200 $200 million a year million a with what we did. there is no way you'll ever see this south carolina except the obamacare medicaid expansion. not going happen. [applause] we want south carolina to become the new it state. 35,000 jobs and 45 out of 46 countiesd.s. and d.c. is suing companies like boeing. they might have sued us but we now have 7000 jobs and just an
look like who you are. >> you look like a serial killer. >> bob? >> the united states economy added 165,000 jobs. unemployment rate down to 7.5%. the last two unemployment figures were increased, commodities aren't great. stock marks are on a great run. the obama recovery is in full force. >> is this like a rerun from 2004? >> our intern is sadly leaving us today. he has done an excellent job. thank you fort great work you've done. we appreciate it. everybody, can with he get a round of applause [ applause#f$j ] >> thanks for watching. i'm starting my weekend early. (speak spanish). >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> have a great weekend, buddy. >> "special report" up ♪ >>> welcome to "red eye." it's like the spy who loves me. if by spy you mean hitchhiker and by love you mean stole by cutoffs after i passed out in the back seat. andy, what's coming up tonight, you jerk? >> thanks, white v-neck t-shirt guy barely peeking out from under that sweater. coming up on the big show, did the family of the boston marathon bombing suspects receive over $100,000 in fax payer funded assistanc
was clear. >> i don't care what kind of left wing judges president obama appoints, he won't be able to touch our freedom to keep and bear arms in the great state of louisiana. >> there are no easy fixes to these problems. certainly nothing as easy as demonizing gun owners. gun rights supporters. increasingly manufacturers. >> we'll never back away from our resolve to defend our rights and the rights of all law abiding american gun owners. >> joining me now, maria cardona and crystal wright. good morning to both of you. nice to see you. >> good morning, randi. >> i want you both to listen to what sarah palin said about the president bringing the families of the newtown victims into the debate. >> the politics of emotion is the opposite of leadership. it's the manipulation of the people by the politicians for their own political ends. it's not just self-serves. it's destructive and it must stop. >> does she have a point? is the politics of emotion a losing game? the bill that came to washington to lobby for was defeated. maria, to you first on this. >> absolutely it's not a losing game because
, who just came out on the state senate floor, john amaechi and mike peska. kelvin, i said nevada, i get flack from saying nevada. i guess i want to lead it off by playing some sound from president obama this week who was asked about jason collins and had this to say. >> i'll say something about jason collin. i had a chance to talk to him yesterday. he seems like a terrific young man. and i told him i couldn't be prouder. you know, one of the extraordinary measures of progress that we've seen in this country has been the recognition that the lgbt community deserves full equality. not just partial equality. not just tolerance, but a recognition that they're fully a part of the american family. >> obviously it's great to see the president, you know, being supportive of him like that but a couple things struck me. he went out of his way to answer that question. he was leaving the room, wanted to answer it, came back. he had personally called jason collin. this came on the heels in president obama's inaugural address back in january, he specifically invoked stone wall rights, the iconic mome
timber box. and president obama going public with through threats against the syrian regime. we will get a live report. developing this morning, the desperate fight against wildfires raging in populated areas of your state. thousands of home at risk. ginger has a look at the change in the weather that could make a huge difference here. plus the fast-food fight. biggest fast-food chains and restaurants are pulling out all the stops right now to get customers in the door from ex-aning their dollar men use to literally giving away food. how low will the prices go? we will tell you where to get the best deal. one of hollywood's most famous bachelors is talking about taking the plunge. what leo decap row thinks about marriage these days. will he ever consider the trip down the isle? burning questions on this saturday morning. hope you will join us then. >> an absolutely. i need to know the answer to that question, dan. >> we all do. >> thank you. it appears anti-bacterial soap could do more harm than good. >>> it appears anti-bacterial soap could do more harm than good. after more than 40 yea
. this concludes our program. please remain in your seat until the speakers leave the state. >> on the next "washington journal," we will look at president 0,'s second term -- president obama's second term. followed by an update on the situation in syria with jeffrey white. peter settled joins us. tweets,h your calls, and e-mails at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. the national rifle association held its annual meeting this weekend in houston tx. we will show you some of the featured speakers, including wayne lapierre, nra ceo. 8:35 eastern here on c-span. the anti-defamation league hosted its centennial summit last week in washington. keynote speaker talked about counter-terrorism efforts, i ran bang pots nuclear program, and syria. this is half an hour. >> pan am flight 103, munich twin towers and the pentagon, a move by, tokyo subway, the london underground, the images of two terrorist attacks are seared in our minds and the mere mention of those words and those places fill us with anger and sorrow. and now, unfortunately, boston gets added to that list. our hearts go out to the families and
's best interest, they would have everything be right to work state. because they probably get a lot more increase in union membership. the problem is that an antibusiness agenda such as president obama's lower the job creation of union members and nonunion members alike. the union membership rate declined by 1.1 percentage points in the eight years of president bush. it decline bid the same amount in the four years of president obama. president obama's policies are leading to a faster rate in the decline of union memberships man president bush. and james mentioned the day before. total 11.8% overall to 11.2% private sector, 6.9% union membership. 6.6 in 2012. government even declined 3. % unionized to 36%. if you look what president obama has zone, look at, for example, what he did to boeing. when boeing wanted to expand in south carolina. these were union jobs in south carolina. they want to open a second plan. they were having too many orders for dream liners. once they get the batter problem fixed. they'll have the dream liners rolling out again. president obama -- the acting general
great faith that our country, our states, and our communities are moving to building a better system of high quality early learning. and old-the evidence, fashioned common sense are on the side of president obama's proposal in investing in the early education. i would like to turn it over to ay friend, randi weingarten, long term -- a longtime champion for quality early education. she knows how this can have an impact on our nation. randi? [applause] , mr. secretary. thanks, madam secretary. thanks steve. i am proud he is a member of the aft. i wish the news we have been discussing today was better. clear that thety recession and the years after the recession have taken its bite out of what many of us think is the most important and impact will investments in children. why are we here? it is not simply that we are deeply involved in early childhood education. we represent 100,000 or so members who work directly in the field. we filed the reports not just because steve and his team are members, but because they shine a light on what is going on in early childhood every single year. we
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